Real friendships from Virtual Exchanges

Even with all the travel restrictions imposed by different countries during the pandemic, exchanges between students did not stop! In partnership with St. Uriel Education (, the ESS organized exchanges between students from China and Singapore.

Improving Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

When students of different countries are grouped into Learning Spaces, each with their own preferred areas of interests, they are able to share experiences based on their own beliefs and cultural backgrounds. Such sharing takes place asynchronously as well as in real time video sessions. Through sharing, students learn to cross the cultural divide and see the world through the eyes of their friends overseas.

When the pandemic is over…

Students from China and Singapore can’t wait for travel restrictions to be lifted. Many have expressed the desire to visit each other, to play games together, to attend workshops and learn together! The ESS is equally excited about organizing future activities that allow the students and teachers to meet and have fun learning journeys together. Just like the good old days!